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of life and pension insurance contracts

… in Germany contain a defective cancellation policy according to our estimations. This concerns many contracts concluded between January 1st, 1995 and December 31st, 2007. In a number of judgments, the European Court of Justice and the Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof, BGH) have ruled that these contracts can be completely rescinded.

We assist you in successfully rescinding from yours and in canceling your life or pension insurance at a profit – even if your policy has already been canceled or has already expired. Background: Learn more.

This Is How Your Policy Can Become Profitable:


Request a free initial assessment.

We verify with specialized attorneys and experts, if your life or pension insurance meets the criteria for a rescission. You receive a free and non-binding initial assessment and can subsequently decide whether a rescission is worthwhile for you.


Your policy is rescinded.

Together with you, we compile all necessary documents. Subsequently, experienced attorneys demand the rescission of your policy from your insurance company.


You receive your compensation for use.

After the successful rescission, your compensation for use will be transferred to your bank account.

Fact Is:
You Can Quickly Benefit From an Immediate Payout.

Model D – policy acquisition is only offered by FACTO in Germany. In just a few weeks you receive an initial payment of the calculated compensation for use, and there is a chance of receiving a subsequent payment settlement.

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FACTO: We Take Advantage of Facts

FACTO GmbH is an independent legal services provider. Our core activity lies in supporting consumers to successfully rescind their life or pension insurance policy based on current law.

The basis of our success lies in working with specialized attorneys, having a comprehensive tariff database and proprietary leal tech software. Even when documents are missing, we are able to reconstruct cancellation policies within a certain timeframe and calculate the exact compensation for use for our clients.

Thus, we set a large number of precedents that permanently strengthen the rights of individual consumers.

These facts speak for themselves: Currently, we are handling approximately 26.000 of our clients’ requests and have already successfully rescinded more than 2.000 contracts at a profit - with impressive results for our customers.

Create facts – we support you in doing so!

Complete cost transparency

Fair expense report purely on a success basis

Free initial assessment

Realistic chance assessment of your case

Personal contact person

Flexible advice tailored to your needs

Specialized law firms

Asserting your claims by consumer law experts

Immediate payout possible

Payout of a share of your claim with Service Model D after approximately six weeks already

Calculations conforming to the Federal Court of Justice*

Exact calculation of the compensation for use you can expect

Rescission without legal protection

Absorption of your overall legal costs

Rescission when documents are missing

High chances of success even with incomplete files

*BGH NJW-RR 2017, 1061

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