We at FACTO:
Experience and Expertise
in Effective Consumer Protection

This Is How FACTO Works: Gaining Experience and Steadily Expanding Its Expertise

For several years now, FACTO has been gathering experience in enforcing consumer rights. Based on this experience, we create financial advantages for our customers as an independent legal service provider.

With its interdisciplinary teams comprising jurists, attorneys, actuaries, and database experts, FACTO has become one of Germany’s leading consumer protection organizations. Approximately 100 employees at its offices in Munich, Berlin, and Deggendorf advocate for consumers precisely when the chances of an individual successfully asserting their legitimate claims are slim.

The Basis of FACTO’s Success: Experience that’s Fed Straight into Our Database

With its expertise, FACTO has built up a unique database in Germany, which attests to the cost-effectiveness of insurance companies. It is this basis that forms our ability to obtain high compensation for use. Our detailed database enables us to reliably calculate individual claim levels for the rescission of life and pension insurance policies.

The database makes FACTO a pioneering legal tech company in Germany. We thus perform database-aided groundwork in the area of consumer protection and bring transparency to the untransparent business activities of the insurance companies.

Consumers Benefit from FACTO’s Experience

As rescinding a life or pension insurance policy isn’t always entirely risk-free for the consumer, FACTO performs extensive review and exclusion processes before a rescission contract is concluded, in order to protect the customer.

In this way, FACTO ensures that the customer benefits as best they can from the four service models and does not incur any financial losses. Only if a claim is successful FACTO does receive pro rata payment from the financial advantage legally fought for on the customer’s behalf.

More than 2,000 successful rescissions and 26,000 contracts within our database speak volumes. Place your trust in the experience of the FACTO team of experts, too.

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