Service Model D
The Service Model with Immediate Payout

Insurances are often not willing to immediately comply with justified claims. With Service Model D, you receive an initial share of your calculated surplus after approximately six weeks. If we are convinced of the chances of success for your case, we will pay part of your claims after only a few weeks.


Service Model D

Our Service Model D is unique in Germany. With it, we are already able to pay you part of your compensation for use approximately six weeks after concluding the contract. You do not need legal expenses insurance. Even if documents are missing, we are able to assert your claims in most cases. For this purpose, you sell the claim from your canceled or expired contracts. Benefit from the immediate payout: After as soon as approximately six weeks, up to 20 percent of the calculated surplus value will be transferred to your account. In case of success, you will benefit from an additional payment. After successful completion of the proceedings, you will receive an additional proportional payment of the compensation for use obtained. We advocate for your case and handle the complete communication with all parties concerned. No costs or fees arise for you.

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  • You have entered your life or pension insurance between January 1st, 1995 and December 31st, 2007.
  • Your insurance documents have a defective cancellation policy.

This is how it works

  • Request a free initial assessment from your sales partner.
  • Choose Service Model D and fill out factoring agreement.
  • Receive an initial payment after approximately six weeks.
  • Receive further payment in case of success.

Duration: approximately 6 weeks
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Your advantages at a glance:

Immediate payment: You receive up to 20 percent of the calculated surplus value after approximately six weeks.
Further payment after successful rescission
No expenses caused by protracted negotiations
Personal contact person

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