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We defend consumers’ rights – particularly when the chances for the individual are slim.

We Create Clear Facts for the Consumer

FACTO GmbH is a leading legal tech and consumer protection company in Germany. The team as well as a nation-wide network of sales partners support our clients when successfully rescinding their life or pension insurance. Interdisciplinary teams made of attorneys, lawyers, and database experts work together to assert the legitimate payment claims of our clients against the insurance companies – even if the rescission takes several years.

The latest software and IT systems help us to enforce our clients’ claims in large numbers while still taking into consideration the particular situation of each individual case. Thus, we are able to strongly and lastingly enforce the claims of our clients thanks to leading legal tech solutions. With automated calculation processes and a tariff database unique in Germany, we can precisely calculate the expected compensation for use our clients are entitled to. We have actuarial reports prepared for this purpose.

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